Custom message feeds for Teams Power Users

Tagly supercharges your Teams productivity through customizable live filtered feeds of your messages, allowing you to focus on what's important to you, and filter out what's not.

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Tagly delivers:


Combine multiple filters to create feeds of just the messages you need to stay productive

Tagly allows you to create filters matching or excluding message properties:

• Message content - messages containing #hashtags, attachments, or images, etc.
• Users - messages by certain users, messages mentioning you, etc.
• Teams/Channels - messages in certain teams or channels.

New matches are shown in real-time in Tagly as messages are added in Teams.

Pop-out tab / Browser Support

Keep an eye on your feeds while you keep working in Teams

Pop-out the Tagly app from the Teams sidebar, or launch it in a browser window to keep it open and showing you your matches while you work in Teams.

Jump back to an interesting message or channel in Teams from Tagly matches with deep-link support.


Hashtag support in Teams messages

Add #hashtags in any channel message, and they will be converted* to special links that will open the Tagly app with a filter set to show messages matching that tag.

* Due to a current limitation in API support for editing messages in place, a reply is automatically sent to a tagged message with the tag links instead. Once Microsoft update the API, Tagly will update the message with tag links in place instead.

Coming soon...

On the roadmap

In addition to the above, we have the following great features planned / in development:

Message Action support

Use a Message Action to add #hashtags to a message after it's been sent. Add private tags only you can see.

Calendar, Planner and To-do tasks support

View your calendar events, Planner and To-do tasks in columns next to your other filters. All the information you need in one place.

Reaction support

Filter messages by their emoji reactions, including the count of each type of reaction. Keep track of which messages are getting the biggest reaction in your org.


Group your filters into workspaces to quickly switch between groups. Move and resize filter columns into the layout that suits you best.

Configurable views

Choose different message layouts on a per column basis. Choose a condensed view to see more messages at a time and expand them to see more on demand.

Activity Feed and Desktop Alerts

Get notified in your Activity Feed or by a Desktop Alert if one of your filters has a match, then jump into Tagly to see the details. Tagly keeps working in the background while you get on with your day.

Power Automate integration

Trigger a flow in Power Automate when one of your filters has a match. Create advanced custom workflows based on your Teams messages.

Viva Topics support

Combine the power of hashtags and the newly announced Viva Topics to turbo charge your enterprise knowledge base.

Sharepoint Term Store support

Leverage the metadata investment you already have in Sharepoint Term Store to drive hashtag policies in Tagly.

Admin managed filters

Administer Tagly filters for various Groups to ensure everyone is on the same page for matching specific hashtags and other message properties.

Analytics / Power BI integration

Get analytics over trending and most used hashtags, and link your message data to Power BI to monitor key data and share dashboards and reports.

$Cashtag and user defined tag support

Go beyond #hashtags and filter on $cashtags (e.g. stock ticker symbols like $MSFT), and even create your own custom defined tag formats for org specific use cases.

Full text search support

Create filters to search over the full text of a message, including regular expression (regex) support.

DLP integration

Use Tagly to drive your data loss prevention (DLP) strategy.

Chat message support

Filter chat messages, not just channel messages.

Teams users are crying out for #hashtag support...

1 +

One of the most voted requests on the Microsoft Teams UserVoice.

1 +
Passionate Comments

Users are frustrated that Teams doesn’t support hashtags natively.

1 +

The initial request was raised on Nov 2, 2016 – over 4 years ago…

  • “Just like the absence of chronological-sort-ordering in a Teams channel, I am likewise stunned that Teams does not provide #some-hashtag aggregation functionality by default. A shockingly absent feature. Please jump on this issue...”

    Steven Tuttle - UserVoice Comment

  • “My agency has been using Teams for a couple of months. We now have hundreds of conversations & channels – Teams has become a black hole in terms of organization. Without searchable tags, it's impossible to navigate back to information even a few days old. No tags, no archive functionality, no pins... we're switching back to Slack.

    Travis Rice - UserVoice Comment

  • “This seems like such a basic feature. I'm a little curious about how a product can be launched without the most basic of features. With no updates on availability over an extended period of time. Lack of hashtag functionality is preventing me from adopting for my organization.

    HH - UserVoice Comment

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Frequently Asked Questions

Tagly is currently in closed beta with a select set of partners.

This is due to some of the MS Graph APIs that Tagly relies on to work still being in a Beta state, so we are unable to offer Tagly in a production ready state until those APIs are moved into a production ready state themselves.

In the interim, to request access to the beta, please contact our Sales team using the link below.

Tagly has been designed from the ground up with your privacy as our highest priority.

Your Teams messages are some of the most sensitive and private information in your company, so with this in mind we’ve engineered Tagly Server specifically as a self-hosted application that you deploy inside your own Azure tenant.

Only users within your organization will be able to view their Channel messages inside of Tagly.

The Tagly App itself has to be enabled inside of Teams in order to use it there.

This in turn talks to Tagly Server, which as mentioned above, is a self-hosted solution that gets deployed inside your Azure tenant, in order to ensure your message data is securely isolated to your company.

Tagly works best inside of Teams as it allows you to click on #hashtags within Teams messages to open that tag as a filter in Tagly.

You can “pop out” Tagly into a separate Teams window so you can have it open and displaying new filter matches while you use other parts of Teams.

It is possible to open the Tagly app in the browser as well though if you prefer, although there are some extra sign-in steps involved.

Please contact us for further details.

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