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Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled a list of answers to common questions.

Tagly is currently in closed beta with a select set of partners.

This is due to some of the MS Graph APIs that Tagly relies on to work still being in a Beta state, so we are unable to offer Tagly in a production ready state until those APIs are moved into a production ready state themselves.

In the interim, to request access to the beta, please contact our Sales team using the email address below.

Tagly has been designed from the ground up with your privacy as our highest priority.

Your Teams messages are some of the most sensitive and private information in your company, so with this in mind we’ve engineered Tagly Server specifically as a self-hosted application that you deploy inside your own Azure tenant.

Only users within your organization will be able to view their Channel messages inside of Tagly.

The Tagly App itself has to be enabled inside of Teams in order to use it there.

This in turn talks to Tagly Server, which as mentioned above, is a self-hosted solution that gets deployed inside your Azure tenant, in order to ensure your message data is securely isolated to your company.

Tagly works best inside of Teams as it allows you to click on #hashtags within Teams messages to open that tag as a filter in Tagly.

You can “pop out” Tagly into a separate Teams window so you can have it open and displaying new filter matches while you use other parts of Teams.

It is possible to open the Tagly app in the browser as well though if you prefer, although there are some extra sign-in steps involved.

Contact us for further details.